jueves, 13 de marzo de 2014


Esta jueves, para variar un poco, os dejo un poema que he compuesto en inglés.

El arraigo en nuestras creencias, la esperanza en que existe un mundo mejor, la fe en las personas, en sus posibilidades, en sus cualidades y virtudes hace que las cosas sucedan...

Siempre hay un barco dispuesto a zarpar cuando se busca bien.


When shadows

Of a troubled world

Want to crawl,

When hope

Has become

In an ice piece,

When the sound

Of the storm

Makes you cry...

Follow the stars,

Follow your dreams,

No droop on the road.

You will find stones,

But only remain

On the ground.

Hear, feel

Peace of your soul,

You and the world

Are only one.

When you listen

What your heart

To say to you,

Your eyes will open

again, and fear left.

If I only stayed

Here one more day,

Under the blue sky,

Swaying in the breeze,

Under the rays of sun.

Discovering who I am,

Finding out my fate.

Something out there

Waiting for me.

I spread my arms,

And raise my hands,

Seeking happiness.

Only that,

A chimera

To reach...

Living is what I want,

Before minutes

Slipping down my face.

A full life,

A life in love,

A life in friendship,

A life peacefully,

A life of faith. 

Juan M Lozano Gago ©

Marc Enfroy - A Positive Spirit

Album: Unconditional (2011)

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  1. My dear zodiac brother,
    Not that i don´t like your translation, but when something is written in another language something gets lost and is not quite the same, so I will post my comment in here, you are amazing! I often have like giving up, like i don´t know how to keep moving, but is just as simple and elegant as you say "follow your stars, follow your dreams" what a touching poem, and yes, it could be a song, an anthem! since I found your blog, the old one and this one, I often turn to your poems and tales to take a break you know, and I cannot thank you enough for that, just THANK YOU for being you and be such an amazing artist, because that is what you are, dinosaur hugs your zodiac sister ;) xoxo Eliz

    1. Hi, my dear zodiac sister! :)
      This is, something originally written in another language always loses some sense (or force) when is translated. I write about things I feel like mine or with which I identify, I am very glad that my words give you encouragement and strength to continue. Sure, this could be a song, lol! :D
      A big hug from your Spanish brother, Juan


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